Creed Kolasa

Creed Kolasa

My name is Creed, and I’m 9 years old. I’m a patient at Duke Children’s Hospital. We don’t know each other, but my friends at Duke say you’re one of the reasons I’m doing so well and feeling so good. Thank you for helping me!

I have a condition called Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It’s pretty scary because there’s no cure for it. In a few years, I might not be able to walk anymore.

But my doctor, Dr. Eddie Smith, takes really good care of me! Because of Dr. Eddie, I can still run and jump with my brothers and sisters. I love baseball and dinosaurs, too.

Dr. Eddie put me in something called a “clinical trial.” Every week I get special medicine at Duke Children’s Hospital. Last year my medicine was approved by something called the FDA. This means that I can now take my medicine at home. Even better, other boys like me can take it too, which makes me happy. I really miss my friends at Duke, but staying at home and wearing pajamas for my infusion is pretty great.

My friends at Duke tell me they love everyone at ‘Jump for the Children’ because you make donations to Duke Children’s. They use those donations to help other kids like me to get the medicine they need to help them too.

Thank you for being such a nice person! Please keep giving to Duke Children’s. Me and all the other kids here say, “Thank you very much!”